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Heather Lagan
Heather Lagan, MCN

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Little things changing for you? Odd events? Plain old weird occurences?

Hi All!

So has anyone else been feeling overly tired these days? I know I have and many around me have..and for no good reason. It's not like we all went climbing Mt Everest or something. Hmmm.

Perhaps it is part of the 'ascension' that is purported to be occurring now and for the next while? Are your dreams acting odd? Are you dreaming in 'real life' or have you stopped altogether? (like me?)

Are odd things happening to you, like small items seeming to move themselves to other places or disappear completely, only to turn up later in the exact spot you remember leaving them?

Do you fall asleep easier? I mean, do you 'pass out' while still remaining aware on some level? (And no, no alcohol or drugs involved). For example, I will slip into this odd place while watching TV and while I am still aware of this 'reality', I am also aware of another one, in which I am reading a book or magazine or sewing something - and my hands are moving in THIS reality at the same time? (Hubby tells me so and I am sub consciously aware of doing it myself). It feels like I am caught between two planes of reality (or two slices of glass)...which I see as different levels of reality or time. Has anyone else noticed this time/reality slips?

Are 'coincedences' building for you? Like you say 'improbable' and it is said in the exact same instant on the TV? And this happens constantly?

Or you think of someone and the next instant, they are in your inbox? (And I do not mean someone you talk to every day).

Anyone feeling strange and more vulnerable on this Earth we have always felt so secure on? (I mean in regards to it not being knocked out of the sky by another object or being poisoned even more than it already has been - I mean that it is just not the place we once thought it was?)

I have been experiencing all of the above and more and just want to know how many of you have also and what forms your 'odd' experiences take...

Looking forward to what you have to add...and thank you in advance!


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