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Heather Lagan
Heather Lagan, MCN

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hi All!

So today is my birthday and I wanted to comment on the number 10, which I know many of you share in terms of your Day of Birth (which is a strong component of your Lifepath but is looked at separately for that exact reason). These observations will also hold true if you have this number in any form in your individual names...the energy remains the same but will be tweaked according to the hieroglyphic symbols (letters) your specific name is composed of and their individual and combined meanings.

The number 1 is obvious in its connections to new beginnings, fresh relationships, adventures or projects: this is the pioneering, sometimes ego-driven and definitely unique energy that starts all things, be they material, emotional or otherwise. It is the 'get up and GO' vibration...and it can sometimes run head on into walls it hadn't taken the time to foresee, which is why I call this essence the 'Original Force': it can sometimes come off like a bull in the proverbial china shop.

The 1 is, above all, curious about everything...which makes sense as all things are new to it...this curiosity can lead to all manner of 'self'-ish behaviors (or so it may appear to others), impulsive activities and a tendency to jump from one person, place or thing to another person, place or thing with sometimes alarming regularity (which can manifest over time as a string of interests, jobs, relationships and so on).

This energy sees things from a unique perspective that does not usually include others, which is not a deliberate exclusion, it is just the way the 1 is constructed...and despite the 1 acting in the way it is 'expected' to, this 'exclusion' can create a rather rocky road, especially in the life of a young adult...wisdom will come to this vibration, but it will take many experiences and years before it will do so.

Which brings me to the 10. The 0 (zero) serves many different roles, perhaps the most important being its ability to intensify energies (think of 10 cents versus 10,000 dollars...big difference, right?). This is the same kind of energy behind the special message the 10 carries: it speaks to a 'second chance' at getting life right: at achieving success, at fully committing to a relationship (or to ending one)...this will only happen once the holder is mature...or, older. It has taken me 53 years to understand the pattern my early years took and I am still learning. For example, it is still difficult for me to share my deepest emotions, to speak openly (except perhaps on paper or here, on the computer) about them...and sometimes, even to define what they really are.

Oddly enough (or not, really), I am a writer by trade and can spill my guts or my knowledge or both here, in writing. Which I will continue to do...I find my voice here and Universe has presented my 'new start' in the form of the publication of a book that took over 20 years to put together. Now, I am no longer 'alone' and honest connections are made with every one of you who reads my words. Communication is key...and that is one truth that will never go away.

So I have my second chance...it took this long to find my truth and the way to speak it. So if you have a 1 or even a 10 anywhere in your numbers, remember that 'second chance' or choice to start again is there for you, too.



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  2. Dear Heather,
    Why more people are not aware of this site or display an intrest
    in the information despenced is beyond me. Just a taste of
    Chaldean numerology was enough to convince me of it's validity.
    Once you know the truth thers no going back. Oh, you can decieve
    yourself, but you're physical and mental health tell you other-
    Why are people so insensative and dense? I suppose they are so
    conserned with what they call survival and "getting theirs"
    They are oblivious to how they undercut their own true intrests
    and complain about how forces out side of themselves are to
    Most people can't be reached. I'm beginning to think that it's
    dumb luck when people change. They defend thier delusions to
    the death.
    One thing I can see is that you are a very loving woman. My
    mother was like you; no surprise because she was born on March
    10th as well. Every one I know who was born on that date has a
    warm personality.
    Might I suggest that you expand your covered topics to Chinese
    Astrology and the enneagram? Those are the only two topics that
    I would put remotely in the same league with Chaldean Numerology. It's uncanny how accurate and percise and simple
    these fields are! Thank you very much for listening to me, and
    don't get too down about the denseness of the average person.
    If God loves them, we should too!

    1. Why thank you, kind one (for the loving woman comment)...and for writing.
      It is true that there are good, bad, and indifferent folks all over the world - it depends on what lesson they are here to learn this time around.
      For them, we can do little: just understand why they are here and try not to judge them. None of us is perfect, otherwise we would not be here in this giant classroom...we all have things to learn and the main one is to learn to accept and love the 'self' and to then reach out with unconditional love to others.
      God bless and again, thank you for writing.


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