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Heather Lagan
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Are you seeing double, triple and quad numbers? Like 1111, 222, 333 or any form of these?

We are the first 11 and the Universe is the second


Now here is a topic lots of folks are noticing and talking about: repeating numbers. And seeing them over and over and over.

I have been seeing these for years, but even for me, sightings have ramped up.

When one considers that each number represents a particular energy (and sometimes categorized events), it is not really that difficult to understand what they might be saying.
Well, I should say that to someone who works with numbers and their meanings like I do, it may not be, so here is a bit of information on these doubles and triples and even quad numbers and some of the meanings attached to them. There are more, like Doreen Virtues Angel numbers, which is another excellent reference book for these kinds of groupings.

One of the first things to know is that double numbers are called MASTER NUMBERS, which come from ancient Chaldean origin and always refer to higher spiritual realms of learning and experience. Two energies that are identical and placed side by side indicate an increase in the energy the single digit represents.
For example, if one of your names totals to a Master 11, the first 1 is you with the addition of another energy (the second 1). Since this is a spiritual addition, this 11 shows YOU plus another personal esoteric energy like your intuition or creative drive.

Master Chaldean numbers begin with 11 and the first extra 1 can speak of a very high additional level of senses - in this case, the intuition and even psychic tendencies can manifest and extreme imagination and creativity is often also present...this is the most artistic and talented Master on the scale. Someone with this number as a Whole Name as part of their analysis will have the ability to tap into more complicated and esoteric patterns of thought and manifestation and work well as healers of any kind. They are also at risk of addictive behavior as the cold, hard reality of this world can sometimes be too hard for these sensitive souls to handle, so they seek escape by any means. But I digress...

So this single set of number 11 is explained. But what about all the 11:11 codes that many are seeing on alarm clocks, signs, license plates and a myriad of other places? Look at 11 energies as though another 'set' of energies has joined it. Let's say this is your first name total: in addition to you and your heightened senses, there is a matching energy, but not from this Earth plane.

This is a reflection of the Universe: the energy that is unseen by us with the exception of the stars and so on. So this is the most elemental indication that there is something more to this 'reality' than we can see...and it totals to 4, which is the number of basics on Earth, like the 4 winds, seasons, directions, corners of a house, and traditionally, the 4 members of a family.

Therefore, it also refers to the Foundation of Man.

So this tells me there is another entity or level of existence that we have yet to 'meet'...but that we will soon. This is something many more 'sensitive' or psychic people are clicking into as their own 'sightings' rise in number.

The number one is the first; it is the pioneer and the beginning of all creation. There is no-thing (not counting the 0 added many years later by the Romans, I believe) before it and it is required to create the elemental scale of 1 through 10. Therefore, the 1 is all about life, growth, knowledge, experience, progressiveness, risk taking, imagination, adventure, bravery and is a generally unemotionally developed vibration (since theoretically, the '2' has not come along yet). This is a lone energy that is 'mirrored' by the second set of numbers: this is a joining of a kind - with a new or original vibration that is connected to humankind but is unknown to us...at this time, but not for long. The changes are already being seen on Earth and it is almost inevitable that what we consider 'normal' is rapidly changing and will continue to.

When we take it one step further, these sightings may well be connected to Crop Circles and other 'messages' that are coming our way (most recently as December 21, 2012 and the Mayan calendar), but what most people do not realize is that this date was just the GATE opening...we are now moving fully into the Age of Aquarius or, as the Mayans called it, the Golden Age, which like any birth, is going to have some pain associated with the transition.

Another thing - whenever you see a double or triple, look at what you are doing and think about how you feel about it. Number 1 is new projects, interests, goals, ...so consider what that means to you and if it feels right...you may want to consider changing something or starting something new...is what you are doing for a living, for instance, satisfying to you? Is it something you connect with?

If not, ask Universe for assistance and direction - if you are sincere, you will find opportunities and contacts will almost 'magickally' appear - heed your intuition and have faith that there is indeed more to this 'reality' than meets the eye.

Does this bring up any memories for any of you? Any unusual sightings on a repetitive basis? Stories, ideas, or what these numbers mean to you? I'd love to hear about them!

Next installment: MASTER 22

Heather Lagan, author 'Chaldean Numerology: How Your Name and Birthday Reveal Your True Nature and Life Path'  from Llewellyn, 2011


  1. I really like this post and it is very energetic for me to learn Circle Walking

    I really inspired from this post.


  2. Yes, I see doubles and quads, thanks for posting.

  3. Great piece...once you open the door its open and what awaits you on the other side is beyond grand, its purpose magnified 3 fold ;)


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