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Heather Lagan
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hi All!

If you have visited my website, you will know that in addition to my love of Chaldean numerology, I am also very much attracted to the other side of life: the unseen and the esoteric, hence the sharing there of one of my own ghostly encounters and a bit of investigation into the subject of reincarnation and hauntings on the site.

That said, I would like to formally issue an invitation to everyone out there to share your own experiences with the paranormal right here as I would like to develop that angle on my website, or even just here: have you had an out of body experience? Have you seen a ghost or captured an interesting photo? Perhaps your house or apartment is haunted?

I have had other experiences with the ghostly side of life and encourage anyone who has had anything odd, unexplainable or spooky happen to them to share it here as while I am not a 'ghost hunter', I may be able, at the very least, to offer assistance or advise.

At the very least, reading about others contacts with the shadow side of reality is fascinating in and of itself, so feel free to add your story as a comment...thanks in advance!



  1. If I am not mistaken, Chaldean refers to Babylonian civilizations, right? In the times of Nebuchadnezzar, just before the Persian invasion, Chaldea heavily depended on numerology techniques for many of their major decisions in war, economy, etc.

    1. Hi Yuri,

      Indeed, Chaldean sources back to Babylonian times and yes, the rulers did rely on all sorts of methods of divination which included alpha-numerology but also consisted of omens, astrology, and other forms of divination.

      These folks were, at their best, ones who sought to rise above the human condition through spiritual observations and belief in the basic goodness of man and the existence of a Higher Power: they were hungry for knowledge of all kinds, but numerology is the one esoteric science they relied upon regularly.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Hi, Heather! I came across your book in a search for Chaldean numerology, and I'm very eager to read it.

    I, too, have had many paranormal experiences - more than I can recount here. Ever since I was four years old, ghosts have been a part of my life. In more recent years I've woven my ghostly experiences into novels, based on my EVP research recordings. See my website agoldenquill.com if you'd like to know more.

    The strangest thing to happen to me lately was while driving one afternoon. I was coming to an intersection in the town where I live, heading west, preparing to turn right at the merge lane. As I looked to my left to check for oncoming traffic, a car in the eastbound lane passed by, "illuminating" (for lack of a better word) a distinct "shadow" of a man, standing on the median.

    What was strange about this was, it was broad daylight, yet for some reason the car going in the opposite direction "illuminated" this "shadow" - like a silhouette - briefly, yet clearly, then it was gone.

    No physical person was anywhere nearby, and there was nothing in the intersection that could have caused the "shadow." What's even stranger about this is that this happened right at the corner near the house that is the setting for my true-to-life novel, Giving Up the Ghost: The Walk-In. One further tidbit to add to the mystery: I recently changed the cover of the book, which now features a man's silhouette.

    I don't know what this means, it's entirely baffling. I've had so many ghost experiences, though none as strange as this. I've seen "shadow people" before, those unexplainable blacker-than-black voids sometimes in the shape of humans, but this was not that. This was not opaque; I could see the cars passing by through the "shadow," before it was gone.

    Many other stories I could tell you, but they will have to wait for another day. Blessings and peace!

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thanks for sharing! And writing! I did check out your site -- love the rabbit hole. How appropro.

      Now to the 'shadow' illumination...first, it struck me as a confirmation of some kind about your story (the story is set nearby and it is a 'love' story and even is based on factual EVP data, right?)

      So this 'shadow' may have been a 'guide' of sorts: confirmation and validation for you in regard to getting the book out there (did you add the shadow man on the book cover before or after this vision?)...it seems this male energy is pushing you in some way...hmmm. Perhaps the 'man' involved NEEDS this story to come out.

      There is another angle to consider -- a more personal one. Have you ever had a relationship fall apart or fail for reasons that were unclear but in which a great love resided? Perhaps life is imitating art and this illumination was telling you beyond a 'shadow' of a doubt that someone was trying to get a message across -- to you?
      I find that those things we might call coincedence are not at all (which I am sure you know), but are messages from another realm. Perhaps there is a deeper message for you in the story...?

      In any event, you are obviously an intuitive sensitive and a talented writer...makes me wonder if you are a water sign...and girl, you and I could be taken for sisters -- all black, all the time, and I even had the bangs not long ago LOL.

      I would love to hear more of your spooky stories...I once applied to a ghosthunters group, so my interest in all things paranormal is genuine...I think it started when I was a girl and lived across from a massive graveyard (lousy Feng Shui) and used to wander among the headstones, wondering about the lives of those who lay there -- knowing these people were once as alive as you and I -- quite the head trip for a youngster. My site has a personal (and terrifying) story that happened when I was in my late teens/early 20s (on the Life After Death page here: http://www.thereadingroom101.com/onlifeafterdeath.htm) and I have experienced living with a ghost and other rather 'para' normal events, so I am all ears! Or eyes, in this case!

      Hugs from Heather

    2. Yes, Heather, you and I do seem to have quite a bit in common! Funny thing about the "all black": I've just moved out of the all-black gothic side (which will never go away, as goth is a state of mind, not a fashion--and I'm connected to the paranormal & the spooky through & through). I've just *finally* gotten 99.9% of the black out of my hair...which turned it red! (I have some Scottish-Irish ancestry.) So again we look like sisters. :)

      Your comments about the story and the shadow-man are definitely food for thought. I could write so much here about that it would take quite awhile & quite a bit of room--there are personal aspects, connected to my soulmate, that become a labyrinth for the mind. I saw the shadow-man after I'd changed the covers---perhaps you saw them on my site. When I saw him it was one of those "stop time" moments, a parenthesis in eternity, however brief. A message, surely, which I now have to decipher.

      I am eager to read your harrowing tale, right after I finish this reply. I've read up to the Letters part of your book--utterly fascinating! The Pythagorean system just did not resonate with me, so I'm glad I found the Chaldean, which to me makes more sense. Much study to come!

      Blessings and peace,

  3. Hey Karen,

    I have also just recently gone from the black hair to the red and finally to considering letting it go white (been grey since my 30's)...whaddya think? And here's another similarity: I am half Irish. LOL
    Too bad we live so far apart - I've always wanted to live in that 'house between the flames' -- we could have found one in Salem or something (with a complimentary graveyard alongside) and rented it...wooooo hoooo!
    Hugs, Heather


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