Heather Lagan

Heather Lagan
Heather Lagan, MCN

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chaldean Book Receiving Great Reviews! Yay!

Hey all,

Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful reception my book is receiving (see Amazon U.S.A.)...no less than 2 x 5 stars! Woo hoo!
Please feel free to ask anything you may require clarification on or anything even outside of the realm of ancient numerology...I love all things esoteric and 2012 will certainly be filled with some wondrous and perhaps...odd...experiences, so if I can help in any way -- my eyes are wide open and my fingers, ready to reply!

ps. The numbers keep repeating...3:33, 4:44, 12:12, 11:11...how many others are out there are experiencing this same phenomenon? It is the activation: the shift, the expansion of consciousness and I am sooo glad to be alive and blessed to see this transformation...who else is feeling and seeing it? Tell me!!

Heather Lagan

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