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Monday, August 23, 2010


This would be the place to have them answered! My name is Heather Lagan and I am a Chaldean Numerologist who has even written a book on the subject. Ask me what you will and I will do my best to answer you. Failing that, have a look at my website for more info or clarification on the meanings of the letters and numbers and how this original system of numerology works.

If everything is energy, what's in YOUR name? More intriguing: what's your Lifepath number: what it is you are supposed to be learning/doing/being while here? It's a fascinating and ancient art that is mystic in tone, spiritual and very accurate...eerily so, sometimes.

For example, two things I have always known about myself are that I once had a tendency to avoid commitments of any kind and that I have always been and always will be interested in the metaphysical side of life. These two things naturally manifested (as a young adult especially) as an aversion to 9 to 5 jobs -- who wanted to work when there were all of these unsolved mysteries floating around??
Once I did my numbers, many things came into focus and made sense, but two things in particular caught my attention.
I imagine that all of you have heard one thing or another about the energies held in the number 13, right? It has a somewhat superstitious overtone -- one of karma, bad luck and even outright evil (the 13th member of a witches' coven is, after all, supposed to be the devil himself)...maybe that is why it has also long been associated with witches and is even called the 'witch's' number.
Well, I have so many of these precious double digits in my name and chart that it pushes the limits of believability. While 'witch' is not a word I would use to describe myself (other than perhaps as a 'white' one), it certainly makes sense when I look at the history of my life to date, which has been all about the unseen and unexplained. My favorite shows when I was a kid were the Twilight Zone, Lost in Space (remember that one?) and Star Trek...all shows about the shadowy and unknown...oh, I forgot Dark Shadows!! Loved that show. Barnabas was just too chill for TV.
The practical meaning of the number 13 can be broken down into two parts: the first is the driving force that the number 1 represents and the second is the physical (and mental) activity of the number 3. Put these together and you have a driving force that can wreak havoc or goodness. Therefore, the number 13 can produce excellent results or highly negative and destructive ones. The use of the power assigned is up to the name holder.
The 13 totals to a 4, which is fundamentally grounded, so the actions (1) taken by virtue of the 3 lead to a base or foundation upon which something is built. Typically, the 4 signifies someone who is responsible, practical, methodical and dedicated to hard work and routine...(think the 4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 winds etc), however, it can also point out the need for these characteristics to manifest.
As mentioned, I had an aversion to work. But who paid the bills? That was one of my main issues; one of my main life lessons: to take responsibility (4) for the self. The other is more of a theme of acceptance: I will always be a metaphysician...that will never change. And it is also part of the reason I am here: to delve into and understand and perhaps even share and teach what is learned along the way...
Does anyone else have numbers that seem to show up over and over in their life?

Happy Monday!


  1. Heather,
    Does being adopted have any significance with respect to finding out "what's in my name?"
    I have always considered myself the child of my adoptive parents, but doesn't the energy from my biological parents whom created me have some sort of impact?
    Any insight into this aspect would be greatly appreciated.
    Sally Ann

  2. Hi Sally Ann,
    You will be happy to hear that you are indeed the child of your adoptive parents...Chaldean numerology doesn't care what your name was at birth...it cares about the energy in the name you carry with you every day. In other words, Chaldean looks at your current name energy, not your past name energy.
    As far as your 'creation' - that is yours and yours alone (and called your 'Lifepath') and its details are found in your date of birth.
    Speaking of which, is 'Sally Ann' your first name? There is a reason I am asking -- let me know if you are curious!! LOL
    So relax. Your parents are the ones who gave you their love and support and caring...and you are 'in sync' with their energy flow.

    Hugs, Heather

  3. Should one use Chaldean Numerology to choose what the best car to buy is? For example, if you're a 1, should you buy a Cadillac(1) and the make should also be a 1 or both the make and model together would have to equal 1? I'm curious.

  4. Hi Anonymous...sorry for the delay in responding. If this question is a serious one, I would respond by saying that the overall make of the car and its numerical charge is more influential than the model for all of the models fall under the umbrella of the make -- make sense? LOL It's like deciding if you want to live in an apartment or a house -- it's the address (or number energy) that is important.
    Hope that helps.

  5. I am similar to you in that in all the various numerology systems the number 13 and 11 seem to show up quite a bit. I too try to fit in with work as a computer IT guy at my company but I can barely do it. I too am drawn towards the unusual and yes Barnabus Collins and Rod Serling are the coolest! I just PMed you about a possible trade of services. I know you are busy but it seems that you and I have similar patterns with the number 13. Often, it is hard for others or even myself to understand it.

  6. Hi Seth,
    I did receive your PM and will respond as soon as I can...you are right, busy bee for me! One thing I can tell you right now is that you are not suited to working within the IT world -- it is not you and I am willing to bet that it sucks your energy until you feel drained and even depressed. Am I close? LOL
    And oh yes, the number 13 -- I have too many to count off the top of my head and they are odd but not bad vibes: you just need to know how to work with them. (It is known as the 'witches' number and is feared by some...but it reads, quite literally, as the 'force of action'...what the 'action' is is up to the name holder, so it is not inherently a negative number).
    I would indeed be open to an exchange -- would you believe I have never had an astrology chart done before? Me, the metaphysics girl?? LOL
    Congratulations on your 'Nov 7' and I have done that before, too, so I would consider myself blessed to be involved in any way.
    I will PM you within a few days, ok?

    Love and Peace.


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