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Heather Lagan
Heather Lagan, MCN

Monday, September 20, 2010

Adoptive Parents? Whose energy do you have?

Thanks to Sally Ann for the question (which I answered as a comment, but I think might be more effective here - still getting the hang of this!)...the question was whether the biological parents will have any bearing or effect on someone after having been adopted, given your adoptive parents names and being raised by them.
The answer, in a nutshell, is no.
Your energy is ascertained by looking at your current name energy -- not one which you may or may not have carried or been exposed to years ago. The name you currently use is the only one of importance...it is only when you use your biological parent's names on a daily basis that the energies in those names will effect and connect with you.
As far as the energy 'impact' of those who created you -- that is found in your Lifepath, which is yours and yours alone and is specified in your day and date of birth: the biological make-up of your parents has nothing to do with Universe's goal in you being here, spiritually speaking, of course!
So, as I said already, relax, Sally Ann...you are your adoptive parent's kid!

Hugs, Heather

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