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Heather Lagan
Heather Lagan, MCN

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chaldean Numerology

Hi there...after reviewing many posts from different sites about the various numerology systems, I decided to offer a place for comments and questions for those interested in the ancient art of Chaldean numerology. Some say this system is not really Chaldean -- my response is that all things adjust to change and incorporate different aspects into their original design -- since this system is originally from Chaldea and its sound/energy format is fundamentally the same as it was thousands of years ago when initially created...it is still Chaldean. Its messages, process of analysis and structure is unique as is its consideration of the energies held in the hieroglyphics of letters...compare results using (for example) the Pythagorean chart and then those arrived at by using the Chaldean one. Chances are very good that the latter will resonate with you more.
Has anyone tried this?
If you have any questions, ask them here or visit my website for further clarification!
Heather Lagan

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