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Heather Lagan
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cadillac, Buick or Bug?

To the person (who shall remain anonymous!) asking about the energies of their cars matching the energies of their names...I thought it is a good question and an excellent example of how different aspects of the life should ideally all balance. Your example of a 'Cadillac' (1 value) would be well matched with other 1 energies or other 'power' images, such as the 8 or Master 22.

So, yes, indeed, the car you are driving should ideally match your vibes (your key vibrations, like Daily Name and or Lifepath) -- after all, it is the one 'thing' in which you are the most vulnerable while out and about. However, the make and model are not all the important...as long as the main name of the car matches your key energies (especially your Lifepath), you will be in sync.

People do not realize the importance of such seemingly small details, but they make up the whole picture: if the various parts of your life are all showing various and sundry differing energies: some which flow and other which obstruct, well...it could be why you have the regular theme of conflict or anger occurring in the home and life in general. Like Feng Shui, Chaldean numerology is about the flow of energy and how best to use it...and also how best to make it work for you...and choosing cars, additions to your home, pets and even the number of the home you are living in or the one you are thinking of buying are all very important whether the goal is serenity in the home or safety on the road.

Hope that answered your question!



  1. Thank you for your perception concerning my question in regards to choice of what you travel in. I guess the main name the car is called is more important than minute details, like if it's a coupe or limited edition or other acronyms or labels that are added, so a Jeep is Jeep.

  2. I am born on 31st Oct 1982. Facing a lot of hardships. Got my name changed to Arav Raaj. Just tell if this is good for me.


  3. Hi Arav,
    This name totals to a 15/6 using Chaldean numerology -- and 6 is love: it is the number of Venus and speaks to community, home, nurturing and compassionate energies. The 15 reads as the 'force of changes', so you will have to hook up with someone who is open to constant shifts and re-adjustments...but the more changes you pass through, the closer you will get to your ideal soulmate/job/health or location.
    That said, this name shows 4 x A/1 energies...this can strengthen the singular characteristics of the A/1...so depending what it is you were hoping to attract energy-wise, this could be a good thing or a not-so-good-thing being as these are both very potent starter energies...ones that are determined, ambitious, progressive, curious, creative...but they are also ones that can slip into arrogance, domination, egotistical behavior and worse...you will have to watch for and guard against such manifestations.
    Since one of these A factors is a Cornerstone (the first letter of any given name: Arav), the above description will carry additional weight. So if you were looking to become more assertive, forward-moving, ambitous and self-confident, then this is a good choice.
    Being born on the 31st (4) of October (10/1) gives you a 5 Lifepath...so the changeability of this 5 energy may be tempered somewhat by the drive of the A (you may be able to focus more on the one thing you want to do the most), so here it could also be read as a good thing.
    Overall, it is difficult to say if a name is a good choice or perhaps another would be better without doing a chart reading...I do want to add that you also show 2 x R/2 (one positioned as the Cornerstone for your last name), which can present a challenge in the love department as that is the prime meaning of the R -- relationships between units of 2...that and it is also known as the 'testing' number for couples/units of 2 (which can be job/location/relationships -- anything that involves you and something or someone else).
    So although this entire name unit totals to the love number 6, it also shows potential lessons and challenges in getting there.
    I wish I could tell you that this is a perfect name...but the A/1 energies certainly do give you 'Survivor' skills: the A/1 is the one combo that can get knocked down and sat upon and yet manage to get up again. And again. And again. You see what I am saying, Arav? Another good thing (in addition to the 6 energy) is that your Lifepath 5 matches your last (Domestic) name and that can be seen as potential assistance in directing you along the your number 5 Lifepath...which, by the way, will always involve more changes for you than for your average neighbor, so to speak.
    So all in all, I would say that it is a good name if you want to encourage warmth and love in your Daily life...and want more power and even aggression if necessary in your social life and if you wish to continue to be able to follow your adventurous spirit wherever it might want to take you.
    Hope this has helped somewhat -- more letter/number descriptions are available on my website -- just click the picture of me.
    Best to you, Heather

  4. Thank You Heather.... I think the way you explained me everything is enough for the motivation. I felt like a very close friend of mine shown a lot of care for me. Thanks once again....

  5. Dear Heather,
    I am Arav Raaj born on 31 Oct 1982. Already once contacted to you. I went to a very famous numerologist and he suggested me to change my name from Arav Raaj to Yash Raaj.Is this good for me.

  6. Hi Arav,

    This 'new' name is also a 6, so the description above still stands...it also has 3 A/1 energies so again, the above description applies.
    However. I would not suggest opening your name with a Y. This is your Cornerstone for the name 'Yash' and in this placement, it holds considerable influence over your social life (which can include anything that occurs 'outside' of the home, like your interactions with friends, co-workers and at your job and so on). The Y is also ruled by the ruled by the number 1, so you are still carrying four 1 values...but that is not what concerns me -- the Y is the 'fork in the road' and indicates changes in directions -- like 'left or right'. This can manifest as on-going changes in the life that are either expected and desired...or not.
    Y Cornerstones can often experience sudden changes in the directions their lives take...and not always for their highest good or based on their own choice.
    Your last name still begins with an R...so what I said about the R/2 above also still applies.
    I would suggest avoiding Y and R as Cornerstones (first letter energies).
    Sorry, Arav...I wish I could say that all is fine, but you need the truth, so that's it!
    Take your time when deciding what to change your name to for it will affect your entire energy impression (picture)and that is not something to take lightly.

  7. Namaste Heather. Nice to hear this word from you. We greet people here in India like this. Well things are not good because my problem is that people really don't listen to me. I personaly know myself and I know that I am more intelligent and versatile than a common man. But then always misses chance to prove myself or people not even allow me to say. Well I hope I will gain what I deserve one day. I like you a lot for your regular replies to me. Thank You and wish you all the success.

  8. Hi Anon,

    The next time an opportunity to show your intelligence and versatility comes up, I dare you to act on it rather than hiding it...you have that energy in your name (whichever name you use, due to the A/1 factors), so taking that first step is strongly supported.
    I wish you health, wealth, happiness, love and all of the things you wish for yourself.

  9. Namaste Heather,

    Thank You for your wishes. The only thing that I last want to share with you is that the name given to me since childhood is Gagan Gupta
    ( 4 + 4 = 8 ). Till now I am using that name. May be this is the reason for my setbacks. I am now changing it to Arav Raaj or Yash Raaj as suggested to me. All the best wishes for you.

    Thanks Heather...

  10. Dear Heather,
    I am too born on 31 October 1982 and facing the same problems as mentioned above. Can you please suggest a good name for me.



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